Suffering through reliability concerns & field failures due to ENIG?

Conventional ENIG suffers from reliability issues
Black pad defects - electrical continuity failures, non-wetting to solder, component fall-offs, etc.
Brittle failures at solder joints
 Over-plating or skip-plating issues on PCBs

LiloTree offers innovative solution ENIG-PremiumTM (Patents Pending

ENIG-PremiumTM is an eco-friendly surface finish solution that will improve the reliability of electronic assemblies
Corrosion resistant with 10X improvement in black pads resistance
No brittle failures at solder joints (including lead-free)
Cyanide-free chemistry
 No Over-plating or skip-plating
Cost is equivalent to conventional ENIG

Proprietary Pd-based pre-treatment solution for selective activation of Cu pads for most optimum plating on PCBs
            "Better reliability while realizing all the ENIG’s benefits"

Seamless adoption by any PCB manufacturer
 Cost is same, process is same; chemistry is different
LiloTree received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation  to develop ENIG-PremiumTM to resolve the field failures where black pads and brittle failures at solder joints were found to be factors contributing to the malfunctioning of devices (NSF SBIR Phase I & NSF SBIR Phase II)


Manufacturing in US (Washington State)
 Agile in filling purchase orders 
 Fully functional & comprehensive scientific lab in-house
 Team of experienced application engineers

Contact us for more information or to qualify ENIG-PremiumTM for your electronic assemblies