June 2020 Newsletter
LiloTree is an advanced materials technology company, providing next-generation technology solutions through chemistry and materials innovations. Based in Seattle, Washington, we're an NSF-funded company, manufacturer & distributor of ENIG-PremiumTM, an eco-friendly patented solution offering enhanced reliability at lower cost.
Join us at Del Mar Tradeshow Webinar!
NI-LESS ENIG-PREMIUM: Surface Finish for Next Generation PCB Technologies - 5G, HDI, RF-MICROWAVE, HIGH FREQUENCIES

Join us for an informative webinar brought to you by Del Mar Tradeshows on June 8th when we discuss the role and selection criteria of surface finish for next generation PCB Technologies - 5G, HDI, RF-Microwave, High Frequencies.

WebinarNI-LESS ENIG-PREMIUM: Surface Finish for Next Generation PCB Technologies - 5G, HDI, RF-MICROWAVE, HIGH FREQUENCIES
Time: Monday, June 8th, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Brought to you by: Del Mar Tradeshows
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