LiloTree is an advanced materials technology company, providing next-generation technology solutions through chemistry and materials innovations. Based in Seattle, Washington, we're an NSF-funded company, manufacturer & distributor of ENIG-PremiumTM, an eco-friendly patented solution offering enhanced reliability at lower cost.
ENIG-Premium: Better Reliability at Lower Cost
ENIG-Premium offers the reliability you need at lower cost. Our cyanide-free patented chemistry seamlessly integrates into your production line, yielding ten-fold corrosion resistance and up to 40% lower gold cost than conventional ENIG.

ENIG-Premium includes the following advantages over traditional corrosion-prone ENIG surface finish solutions:

  • Improves corrosion resistance by a factor of 10!
  • High reliability: No brittle failures at solder joints 
  • Cost-effective: Up to 40% savings in gold material consumption vs ENIG and ENEPIG
  • Adaptable to fit your existing assembly process
  • Eco-friendly solution: Cyanide-free & RoHS compliant

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