NEWSLETTER - March 2019
LiloTree is an advanced materials technology company, providing next-generation technology solutions through chemistry and materials innovations. Based in Seattle, Washington, we're an NSF-funded company, manufacturer & distributor of ENIG-PremiumTM, an eco-friendly patented solution offering enhanced reliability at lower cost.

liloTree at IPC APEX EXPO 2019

IPC APEX EXPO 2019, North America's largest electronics manufacturing event, took place January 29 through 31st in San Diego, California. Numbered among nearly 500 other international exhibitors, LiloTree was present to showcase the gold thickness distribution of our ENIG-PremiumTM solution.

In this video, we get an up-close view of the shimmering surface finish unique to the ENIG-PremiumTM (patented) treatment, as well as revealing LiloTree's latest in chemical innovations - a multipurpose cleaning solution designed to save manufacturing resources.

March 2019 - Unitech Industries, plating consultants and experts with over 30 years of service across multiple industries, now offers LiloTree's chemistry and process through a dedicated production line at their manufacturing facilities in Illinois, USA. Known for their involvement in customer planning at early design stages and capacity for large orders on short notice while sharing LiloTree's own commitment to zero-defect plating, Unitech's high standards of excellence make it an outstanding partner to host our chemical and process solutions. Joining their many plating offerings is LiloTree's own ENIG-PremiumTM - the revolutionary cyanide-free surface finish process offering ten-fold corrosion resistance and 40% lower gold cost than conventional ENIG and ENEPIG.

Contact Unitech today, and ask to sample LiloTree's ENIG-PremiumTM for your next manufacturing and assembly projects.

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