NEWSLETTER - July 2019
LiloTree is an advanced materials technology company, providing next-generation technology solutions through chemistry and materials innovations. Based in Seattle, Washington, we're an NSF-funded company, manufacturer & distributor of ENIG-PremiumTM, an eco-friendly patented solution offering enhanced reliability at lower cost.
This month's featured ENIG-Premium™ product:

LILO-Pretreat is a comprehensive solution which performs all of the traditional pre-treatment processes with only one solution!
LILO-Pretreat features the following advantages over traditional pre-treatment processes:
  • Only 1 solution does the work of 4+ traditional pre-treatment solutions, which means fewer tanks are needed
  • Less immersion time needed to remove organics and oxides and etch the copper surface
  • Minimal changes in surface roughness of the copper pads instead of high roughness from over-etching
Let's take a closer look at some of the data about the efficacy of LILO-Pretreat:
Traditional Pre-treatment Method: 8 tanks, >5 minutes with 4 rinses

LILO-Pretreat Method: 2 tanks, 20 seconds with 1 rinse

LILO-Pretreat is designed to remove organics and oxides from the copper pad surface to prepare the copper for plating. Traditional pre-treatments often over-etch, resulting in high copper surface roughness which can create uneven plating and higher insertion loss. High insertion loss causes issues in HDI circuits – high frequency applications, the newest age of PCB design.

LILO-Pretreat copper surface roughness graph

LILO-Pretreat keeps the same surface roughness of the copper pads before and after pre-treatment.
While LILO-Pretreat keeps the surface roughness low, it still removes organics and oxides on the copper surface thoroughly so that plating will attach well.

The data above was taken using EDX (Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy) at 10keV to ensure that we are observing surface organics and oxides.

LILO-Pretreat removes organics and oxides effectively in a single immersion.
LILO-Pretreat features a variety of advantages over traditional pre-treatments, including fewer tanks, less immersion time to remove organics and oxides, and minimal changes to surface roughness of the copper pads. Our solution is the effective and efficient way to begin your plating process.
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