Failure Analysis and Solutions

We provide root cause identification to every malfunctions/failures experienced by customers’ parts/components

Common concerns experienced by customers: 

  • Parts/components not performing as expected (operational/functional)
  • Two similar parts/components performing different 
  • Customers complaints due to field failures
  • Parts/components experienced staining or corrosion
  • Parts/components experienced unexpected debris causing failures
  • Parts/components wear out sooner than expected

If you have any of these issues, our failure analysis and solutions team at liloTree can help. Our scientists can tell you why your parts fail and offer you recommendations to prevent future recurrence

We have served various different industries including semiconductor, consumer electronics, aviation & aerospace, medical etc. We have expertise in identifying failures in following areas:

Exemplary failure analysis and root cause identification:

  • Fracture evaluation
  • Chemical attack
  • Corrosion failure
  • Contaminant causing failures
  • Stress related failures (physical failures/electrical malfunction)
  • Environmentally assisted cracking 
  • Fatigue
  • Ductile/brittle failures

We provide clear and concise reports correlating results to answer why your samples failed and what were the contributing factors from poor choice of material selection, contaminants to poor design

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