Quality Compliance

LiloTree’s quality compliance program will help you ensure your products are reliable and robust. Our scientists will provide quality compliance testing for wide range of products from various industries- semiconductor, consumer electronics, aviation and aerospace, medical, etc.

Why do customers need quality compliance services?

  • Switching vendors/manufacturers to verify quality compliance of individual components/parts and final product standards

  • Confirm the marketing claims while releasing the product

  • Verify consistent levels of active ingredients

  • Show third party (unbiased) compliance

  • Show compliance with government and/or industry standards

LiloTree’s quality compliance testing includes:

  • Mechanical design/robustness testing

  • Materials testing and analysis for mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties and physical properties

  • Chemical analysis (raw material testing/analysis) and active ingredients analysis

  • Counterfeit product verification

  • Concept, intermediate and final product testing

  • RoHS and Mil-Std testing

Our scientists have expertise dealing with all kinds of materials analysis including metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, adhesives, plastics, rubber, composites, etc.
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