Patented Ni-less ENIG-Premium

Tremendous growth in mobile phones/devices, 5G network has led to enormous increase in amount of data transfer.

For HDI, high frequency applications, high speed electronic signals are necessary in PCBs. To achieve the optimum performance and reliability LiloTree has launched this revolutionary, unparalleled solution.

  • Nickel-less solution: Low insertion loss

  • High reliability: No brittle failures at solder joints (including Lead-free)

  • Long shelf life: Au based surface finish

  • Cost-effective: Lower gold thickness (50 vs. 200 nm - EPIG, EPAG & DIG)

  • Eco-friendly solution: Cyanide-free & RoHS compliant

Nickel-Free Surface Finish Solution for HDI, 5G, High Frequency, RF PCBs

Patented ENIG-Premium: Resolve reliability concerns & field failures due to ENIG

  • IPC 4552A Compliant

  • Eco-friendly solution: Cyanide-free rose-gold shine

  • Improves corrosion resistance by a factor of 10 (No black pads)- using proprietary Barrier Layer technology

  • No brittle failures at solder joints

  • Adaptable to fit your existing assembly process

  • Reduction assisted gold process (improves corrosion resistance further)

  • Up to 40% savings in gold material consumption vs ENIG and ENEPIG

Leave behind the cyanide-based matte yellow finishes!

Conventional ENIG and ENEPIG assemblies suffer from several known issues:

  • Corrosion ("black pad" defects), non-wetting to solder

  • Brittle failures at solder joints, component breakage

  • Non-uniform gold thickness, more expensive and less reliable

  • Over-plating or skip-plating issues on PCBs

Contact us for more information or to qualify ENIG-Premium for your electronic assemblies.