Taiyo America, Inc. are now LiloTree's sales representatives for North America and Europe

Taiyo America have today announced a new partnership with LiloTree. This partnership is part of the ongoing strategy to provide innovative technology to the PCB industry. LiloTree has developed an innovative nickel-free and Cyanide-free gold plating process that offers many advantages to the standard ENIG process.

The benefits of LiloTree’s technology are:

1.   No corrosion on pads / no black pads

2.   Long term reliability of gold-plated surface

3.   Able to plate tight HDI features

4.   Sustainability with cyanide-free

LiloTree's landing page is available here: https://taiyo-america.com/index.php/lilotree 

Check out our PRESIDENT Kunal Shah, PhD.'s conversation with Pete Starkey at #ipcapexexpo on how surface finishes bring about reliability, signal integrity and sustainability in electronic assemblies! 

Come join us at IPC APEX in San Diego to learn more about our award-winning Ni-less ENIG-Premium for 5G-mmWave-RF-MW PCBs! 

We are excited and honored to announce that LILOTREE has received the best technology award in PCB category for its Ni-free Surface Finish at prestigious IMPACT 2022 in Taipei, Taiwan.  For more information: IMPACT 2022

Reliability Matters Podcast conversation between host Mike Konrad and President of LILOTREE Kunal Shah

The discussion focused on "Can surface finish improve reliability of electronic assemblies?                

High Density Packaging User Group Announces LiloTree Membership


Austin, Texas May 2nd, 2022. High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group is pleased to announce that LiloTree has become a member.