Failure Analysis and Solution: We provide root cause identification to every malfunctions and failures experienced by customers' parts or components.

Quality Compliance: Our scientists will provide quality compliance testing for wide range of products from various industries.

Plating Service: We provide customized plating services.

Exemplary failure analysis and root cause identification

Our service-centric approach to failure analysis focuses on partnering closely with clients of all industries to understand requirements and provide the comprehensive results needed to reduce failures and drive continuous manufacturing quality improvements.

We can provide root cause identification for every failure experienced by your parts and components.

Common industry problems that we can help with:

  • Parts/components not performing as expected

  • Two similar parts/components performing differently

  • Customers complaints due to field failures

  • Parts/components with staining or corrosion

  • Parts/components with unexpected debris, causing failures

  • Parts/components wear out sooner than expected

We serve a variety of industries including semiconductor, consumer electronics, aviation & aerospace, medical, etc.

We have expertise in identifying failures in following areas:

  • Fracture evaluation

  • Chemical attack

  • Corrosion failure

  • Contaminant causing failures

  • Stress related failures (physical failures/electrical malfunction)

  • Environmentally assisted cracking

  • Fatigue

  • Ductile/brittle failures

We provide clear and concise reports which answer why your samples failed, focusing on the information you need to improve the product.

Quality Compliance

When it comes to manufacturing, you don't just want quality - you need it. Whether it's compliance with RoHS measures, FAA or FDA approval, MIL-STD testing, or internal qualifications, our teams guide the process examination and results analysis tasks that help companies exceed their customer's expectations and comply with industry regulation.

Our quality compliance program will help you ensure your products are reliable and robust. Our scientists will provide quality compliance testing for wide range of products from various industries- semiconductor, consumer electronics, aviation and aerospace, medical, etc.

LiloTree’s quality compliance testing includes:

  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) compliance

  • ASTM and Mil-Std testing

  • Mechanical design and robustness testing

  • Materials testing and analysis for mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties and physical properties

  • Chemical analysis and active ingredients analysis

  • Counterfeit product verification

  • Product design, from concept to mass production

Our scientists have expertise dealing with all kinds of materials analysis including metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, adhesives, plastics, rubber, composites, etc.

State-of-the-Art Lab Near Seattle, WA

Success in nanoscale analysis requires the expertise in methodologies and instrumentation that our company offers.

Our testing uses various non-destructive and destructive techniques for product evaluation and improvement

Non destructive techniques

    • 2D-3D X-ray with Computerized Tomography

    • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)/STM

    • Acoustic Microscopy (C-SAM)

    • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

    • Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

    • Optical Microscopy with both Stereo Microscope and Metallographic Microscope

    • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

    • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDX)

Destructive techniques

    • Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

    • Secondary Ions Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)

    • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

    • Mechanical Properties: DMA, TMA, Instron Mechanical tester

    • Physical Properties: TGA, DSC

    • Sample preparation: Cross-section/Grinding/Polishing

Quick turnaround, High tech capabilities, Superior quality.

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